We create and publish free online travel guides.

Our multi-dimensional online travel photojournals provide travelers with specific experiences and recommendations.

The guides are available free to CVBs, State Tourism Departments, National Tourist Offices, travel services companies, as well as being published on our media:
• ForAllEvents
• Food and Beverage International

We have been doing this professionally as a team for over 8 years. Mary takes all photographs; we both write all copy; Joe applies technical mojo and puts the final version up on the internet. Substantial effort is involved — for every 1 day out on a visit, we spend 2+ days in studio creating the finished result.
• once created, the photojournal does not change – it is a complete mini-website, with a specific web address
• as the photojournal contains no specific dates, its story is “timeless”
• it has a long shelf life and can be accessed/used indefinitely

Our typical viewers have discretionary time, wealth, consumption. They:
– can do whatever they wish
– are educated, experienced (sophisticated?), traveled, adventurous, curious
– are interested in new, novel, unusual, satisfying — above all, quality

Fun of Travel
 Joseph Cillo Publisher & Editor in Chief    Mary Buttaro Creative & Photo Editor